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Monday, August 22, 2011

To Pierce or Not To Pierce — Part Deux

So.. remember when I ask this? Thank you for your advice and experiences. After a few more discussions with the Hubster, we decided to pierce Jules' ears! And man oh man it is super adorable!

We ended up taking her to the Piercing Pagoda at our local mall -- recommended by both a family friend and a friend of a friend. We went early afternoon on Sunday after both kids were fed and happy. I was totally nervous. We walked around the mall for about 20 mins and finally ended up at the Piercing Pagoda kiosk. I browsed through they selection of piercing friendly earrings. I knew I wanted a pair that had the safety backs on them -- this limited my selection a bit. But we found a pair that both the Hubster and I liked. It wasn't too small that the earring might pull through the hole itself, and it wasn't too big that it looked Gotti on my little Jules. We ended up with a pair that was 14K white gold with a little lavendar stone in the center.

The piercer (is this what you call someone who pierces ears??) had me sit down in a chair and hold Jules in my lap. She put on a pair of latex gloves and pumped hand sanitizer into her hands. She grab a little alcohol swap and wiped down both of Jules earlobes. She then took a little pen and marked a dot in the center of each earlobe -- this is were it got fun. We went back and forth a few times to get the dot just right, and the entire time the piercer (?) was super patient and helpful. We finally got the dots just right. She told me to hold on tight to Jules arms with one hand, and her head with the other.

Squeeze! Cry! Cuddles! First ear done!

Squeeze! Cry! Cuddles! Second ear done!

Jules maybe cried for a total of 15 seconds before she was back to her normal self starring at all the sights of the mall.

I love it and am so glad I got them done.


  1. Now that it's been a year and a half later... did you have any problems with infections, tugging, losing earrings, etc. I'm researching this for my coming baby girl as well!

    1. I'm really glad I got her ears pierced at 3+ months. At that age she's not aware of her ears. She didn't even notice them. It was super easy to clean when she would feed or nap. No infections. A couple of times her earring did get got caught on her stuffed animal, but this was when she was 18 months old (she moves a lot when she sleeps and she always hugs her stuffed animals tight.)

      Now that she is almost 2 years old, she doesn't really ever play with her ears. She knows she had earrings on, but never seems to be bothered with them.

      If you do decide to get your daughters ears pierced, make sure you get safety-back earrings.

      I am really glad I got them done for her at 3 months.

      Hope that helps!!