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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Body Pillow Case

Last year, my parents went to Vietnam on a mini vacay and brought back this super soft, super cuddly, body pillow for Nater-Tater.

As cute as the butterfly and two-toned green pillow case is... it just doesn't go with the "Disney Cars" themed room he has. So as my first project with my newly acquired sewing skills, I decided to make a new body pillow case for him.

We still had Nater-Tater's Disney Cars crib bedding, and the flat sheet was just the right size for this.

First, I removed the green butterfly case and laid it directly on top of the folded flat sheet. I trimmed the new flat sheet to fit (leaving approx. 1 inch extra around)

Next, I folded down 1" on the top (what will be the top) and stitched it right down the middle (leaving a "pocket" where I will be inserting a strip of fabric that will hold the pillow case on.) Repeat step to bottom of case.

Next, stitch the long sides together, but be sure not to stitch the openings of the pockets closed! Then string the strip of fabric through the top and bottom. To make this step easier, pin your strip of fabric to a safety pin, it'll help you guide it through.

Finally, insert body pillow into your new case, tie off the ends and enjoy!

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