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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sew, you think you can sew?

Yes, yes. It's true. I am FINALLY ready to teach myself (of course, with the help of you, right?) how to sew!

I've been following Samster Mommy's blog and have been inspired to start crafting and sewing. She makes it seem so easy! So I thought, why not give it a try!

But like many of my other hobbies, I tend to start it... but never continue it. So before I decide to invest in a sewing machine, I borrowed my moms. (Thanks Mom!) I brought home this machine, took it out of the box and guess what? No user manual! But have no fear... there is this thing called the internet. I google'd "Shark Euro-Pro Sewing Machine" and found an online user manual! SUCCESS! After about an hour of flipping back and forth, reading and re-reading the manual I still could not thread the sewing machine! FAIL!

So what would be the next sensible thing to do? I gave up. Sike. I logged on to the trusty YouTube and searched for videos on how to thread a sewing machine. With luck and about 20 minutes of play, pause, play, pause, I was able to get my machine up and running!

Watch out Martha Stewart, Nelly's in the house!!

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